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Dance, my life


Studied at the “Performing Arts School” academy, over the years  specialising in Competitive Dancing at the prestigious  “Semley Dance Studio” in London, under the guidance of internationally acclaimed dance masters.

About Me

Tamara Tinti:  professional dancer, choreographer, mental life support coach, teacher and international judge.


I want to thank Walter Laird and June McMurdo from my heart. From the first day you inspired me with your love of dance, you will be my music and the reason why I will never give up……

Thank you for always supporting me as dance  and life mentors, sharing with me treasured values….

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My Training

Tamara Tinti is a professional dancer, choreographer, teacher and international judge.

She specialised in Latin American dances, and has lived and breathed her art since a very young age.

She studied at the “Performing Arts School”, and over the years she qualified in Competitive Dancing at the prestigious “Semley Dance Studio” school in London, under the guidance of internationally renowned teachers such as Walter and Julie Laird, Donnie Burns, Michael Stylianos and Lorna Lee, Barbara McColl, Alan and Hazel Fletcher, Carolyn Smith and June McMurdo.

June turned out to be not only a teacher for Tamara but a very good friend too, and their relationship led them to the creation of the book “The Secrets Of My Teacher”, after many years of intense work and dedication.

Over the years Tamara moved around Europe, dancing with various prominent champion dance  partners, and she took part in several high profile competitions.

She turned professional after winning the Italian championships.

She relocated to the Baltic States, where not only she established herself as a worthy  dance teacher, but also by winning the title of professional Baltic champion and ranking in the final of the European championship, which qualified her to the quarter finals of the World championships.

Performing at the illustrious Royal Albert Hall in London is one of her fondest memories.

She embarked on a worldwide career in show business and theatre, always following the expert advice and guidance of her friend and teacher June McMurdo.

Following an outstanding career as a professional dancer, she decided to dedicate herself to teaching Latin American Dance to all levels of dancers, from beginners to professionals. Her guidance and choreographies saw her students win several titles and gain prominent positions.

Over the years, Tamara also developed a certain interest and fondness for Dance Fitness. This new passion allowed her to study this discipline in depth, and she now focuses on teaching it professionally, with extraordinary results.

To this day, Dance Fitness is one of Tamara’s greatest passions, and it is one that she wants to share with every one of you.

Thanks to CONI’s recognition, Tamara is  certified and licensed to teach Zumba Fitness and Fitness Team courses.

About Me