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What does Musical Fitness mean to me?

Exercise, positive energy, joy, engagement, passion….

Musical Fitness ? This words encapsulate a mixture of both sport and dance disciplines using musical rhythms and movements, and this is what makes it such a unique sport. Musical Fitness is versatile in many specialties, and it is always able to  make us face new challenges. Every kind of style belonging to this sport category is chosen by comparing the personality of each individual student.

Besides having fun practising and teaching Musical Fitness to my students, I can also say that this is a boundless sport, and a genuine lifestyle that is based on a workout method that has great impact on your health, as it is able to rid the body of stress and also help clear and sharpen your mind.

This sport will take a hold of you, and it will become the new lifestyle that will help you unwind and blow off some steam; it will lead you onto the path to wellness and bring out your creativity.

A sport where you can be challenged every day, where your fears become your strengths, where you overcame your limitations in order to better yourself….there really are no limits…..

Musical Fitness is also about the smiles of the people that regularly attend my lessons, the special feeling gained by the shared workout, getting to know each other better. The passion that we have in common will help us achieve new goals together, but remembering the setbacks.

If you love and practise this sport,  it will be obvious to yourself and to the people around you. We are endorphin beacons!

This sport will thrill and captivate you! Through the years I have trained Competitive dancers, sport stars and show business celebrities. I delight in seeing their smiles full of hopes and dreams, their determination in getting physically fit that will eventually help them face their professional challenges head on.

I always keep myself up to date and obtain various courses, in order to offer my students  the chance to share my passion and improve their lives, as I done with mine.

My greatest satisfaction is seeing the achievements and improvements through their feedback. I am a great believer that Musical Fitness is a great physical foundation for taking on the competitive world of Sport Dance, and it can also do wonders if you need a restorative pick-me-up!

I believe in what I do, in what I have learned from my studies and in my life’s experiences. Those who know me understand that I have the tendency to do things on a large scale and that I am constantly evolving….


For Musical Fitness we mean the activities that will help you achieve physical and mental well-being, as well as promoting a well balanced state between mind and body.

Musical Fitness represents an ensemble of gymnastic disciplines and dance styles, that merge together in courses held in appropriate studios, with (or without) the help of small equipment. With all the workouts designed to be carried out to the rhythm of the music, the main focus is to exercise the body.

This innovative fitness style has shaken up all theories and boundaries and can be summed up with these two concepts: “have fun exercising”.

The new fitness activity is energetic, joyful, contagious and fun but also very demanding and embodies the new sport that blends international dance steps (such as the popular Latin-American dance) with the principles of Cardio Fitness.

Dance Sport Passion can offer you various course….what is your style?

  • Latin Cardio Fitness
  • Sensual cardio Dance
  • Step Dance workout
  • Zumba
  • Cheerleader Cardio Workout
  • Dance Fitness Dumbbell
  • Cardio Music Circuit
  • Tabata
  • Dance Fitness

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